Humble beginnings best describe Lola Coffee. Owner/operator Daniel Wayne began his quest searching for the perfect Espresso back in 1992. 

It all started with a 6 foot Espresso cart in front of the Hub Building in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Coffee Popularity/Culture was new and beginning to grow. After nearly one year, and with a strict diet of bean burritos daily ($0.59 cents at the time), Phoenix Symphony hall needed a coffee vendor. Luckily, Daniel Wayne and local coffee bar owner Damian Serafine secured the contract. That contract had a whirlwind effect- as 1 location turned into several over the years. 

Fast forward to the year 2000, Phoenix was still in need of independent brick and mortar coffee bars to bring communities together. One day while driving up central ave, Daniel discovered a for lease sign on a dilapidated pink building. Inside, a local real estate owner sat with the lights low... candles lit, wearing a jumpsuit, literally praying for anyone to lease the building. Daniel asked, what do you envision in this space? Sloan replied, I see Coffee and Art. Then he asks, what do you do? Daniel responds... Coffee and art. Within 30 minutes a deal was made with a handshake. That shop was known and is still known as Lux Coffee.

For the last 10 years, Lola Coffee downtown has been a place where the community meets. Daniel continues to work behind the bar daily, and still strives for the perfect Espresso. What he is most thankful for, besides his loyal customers is his amazing staff. Each member bringing personality and a connection to every customer.

We’re excited to bring a new location to Arcadia. With the same offerings as Downtown, We’re looking forward to serving its community and bringing the very best quality to our coffee, pastries, and breakfast.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years- always greatly appreciated, everyday.